SXSW Kinect Hack

A video that shows a bit of my Kinect hack for the SXSW opening party just hit the intertubes!

My employer, frog design, hosts the pre-party each year for SXSW with this year's theme being "Playing with the Time of Light." Teams of frogs from several studios built hacks for the Microsoft Kinect to make interactive demos. I was fortunate enough to have time to contribute (and support from the studio), so I built a touchless painting app. I wasn't able to attend, but one of the attendees captured video of the hacks (my app shows up at :21 or so). The person using it doesn't seem to get what it does at first, but a few seconds later it's fun to see her reaction when she realizes she's painting.

The application was built using OpenFrameworks ( which is a C++ cross platform environment that can be compiled in XCode. It was definitely a learning experience as both XCode and C++ were new to me (my last C language coding experience was before there was a ++). Even so, I was able to pull it all together in about 2 weeks. All told it was a fun project and I learned quite a bit.